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Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Blog "Nellie B's Wartime Rationing"

I have just started a new blog to document a new challenge my son Salem and I are undertaking.
As of Boxing Day we will be living on WWII rations as a chance to study what it was like
 for people living in England during that time in our history.
Salem will be doing alot of research on WWII and experiencing a little of it.
We are both looking forward to starting this.
You can see how we are doing on ://


  1. Hi Im sure you know about the Haybox method of cooking used during the war . I sell my invention based on the haybox principle called Heylo Energy saving bag. Let me know if you want more info or read about it on www.Happyzine its in the bag. Good luck with your interesting venture. Heard it on National radio.

    1. Hi there, yes I know all about the haybox method as we did this at school when I was in Intermediate, a long, long time ago.
      Good luck with your Heylo Energy bag.