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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wellington Winter Vintage Festival 2014

On Saturday, Salem and I put on our 1930's/40's gear on and went into Wellington to spend a couple of hours at the Glory Days Winter Vintage Festival which was held at the James Cabaret.

When we arrived we bought our tickets at an old fashioned ticket box and then went inside where there were lots of very interesting stalls set up and by the stage area, it was all set up for the circus with hay bales and tigers and lions.
Heaps of people got into the vintage spirit and dressed to impress, some fabulous dresses, hairstyles and of course, men in suits and hats and even dressed as strong men and circus folk.

Before we encountered the rather creepy wolfman/creature in a cage, we were given our goodie bags which had a copy of the "Glory Days" magazine which we read later on and it really is a great read, and a very cool pack of Hendricks Gin playing cards.
Salem and I then got some skincare samples from the ladies in white lab coats from Tailor Skin Care.
It's really great stuff.

Salem with Kent Lambert from Lambert's Luscious Beard Oil.
Looking very dapper guys!!!!
It will be a few years yet before Salem can get to use these wonderful products of Kent's.

Nothing beats real fresh candy floss and even better when it made by a bearded lady.

We had a great time having a look at all the wonderful stalls, wishing we had heaps of money to spend.
So many things we would have liked to treat ourselves to.
We will have to save up for next year.

The circus performers were from the Wellington Circus Trust.
Salem was very tempted to run off and join the circus!!!!!

The lovely Constance Craving was the Ring Mistress for the day.
Salem just loved her greeting of "Ladies and Jelly Spoons....."

Salem tested his strength a few times to get prizes of chocolate and lollies.

The youngest circus performer was very cute.
Can't wait to see her perform in a few years time.

Another great performer.
A very talented lot these circus folk.

Waiting by the very cool looking vintage campervan/coffee shop for his turn at the coconut shy.
Salem surprised himself, and me, by having a pretty good aim and won himself even more lollies.

There were more circus acts throughout the morning, this young lady was fantastic with the hula hoops.

Salem with Constance Craving in between giving his own acrobatic show to the circus folk and a bit of dancing here and there.
Can't beat doing the Charleston.  He's pretty good at that.

It was a pity we couldn't stay for long, just two hours, as we had to make our way out to Tawa for a dance class.
We had to miss the rest of the entertainment and the wonderful atmosphere.
The folks from Glory Days magazine had done a fantastic job, we can't wait until next year!!!!

Had to grab a caramel apple before we left.
We should have bought another or two as they were absolutely delicious.
I only got to have a very small bit of it while Salem scoffed the lot!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Yummy Candy Floss - Right before our very Eyes!!!!

Mmmmm... candy floss bigger than your head!!!!

Two Saturday's ago we went into Wellington just for a day's outing with no dance classes to go to.
We went nice and early to make the most of it, the weather wasn't the best though but it wasn't raining.

Our first port of call was the Underground Market at Frank Kitts Park.
We had a look around getting lots of ideas and wishing we had heaps of money.
Then we cam upon the Candy Floss Lady.

Fresh candy floss is always a favourite.

As we are huge fans of candy floss we had to get one!!!!
It was a lovely blue blueberry flavoured floss which she very kindly sprinkled hundreds and thousand on as we had to wait a little for the machine to warm up.  It only took a minute or too.

Talk about yummy!!!!!  Not that I had much of it as Salem devoured it all.

Salem has his, now mine is being made.

Last weekend just gone, we went back.  It was a beautiful sunny day, just right for eating candy floss while walking along the waterfront.

This time it was pink candy floss and I had to have my own as I am no longer sharing with Salem.
All I can say is "YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!!".

Monday, September 1, 2014

Victoria Street Farmer's Market, Wellington

A couple of Sundays ago, we went bright and early into Wellington as Salem had a ballet class with the Royal New Zealand Ballet, and because of catching trains and making sure we got in to town with plenty of time to spare in case something goes wrong (which has happened in the past), we had time to visit the farmer's market in Victoria Street.

They have the market every Sunday morning in a large car parking area, Salem couldn't believe his eyes at how much produce was there and all the different types.
He had never been to this market before.

There was lots of great bargins including three pineapples for $5.  It was a real shame we couldn't really buy anything or else we would have had to carry it around in our backpacks all day.

Another reason for going to the market was to see a friend of ours who does the fish van, but he wasn't there this time, someone else was.  Salem had to check out what was on offer.

We found someone selling some beautiful orchids.
Salem couldn't believe his eyes.  
They were so big (the orchids that is) as Salem grows tiny native orchids and had never seen big "normal" ones before.
Well, he has but can't remember because they have some at the Begonia House at the Wellington Botanic Gardens.

We will definitely be making another trip into Wellington on a Sunday again to visit this market again!!!!