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Monday, September 1, 2014

Victoria Street Farmer's Market, Wellington

A couple of Sundays ago, we went bright and early into Wellington as Salem had a ballet class with the Royal New Zealand Ballet, and because of catching trains and making sure we got in to town with plenty of time to spare in case something goes wrong (which has happened in the past), we had time to visit the farmer's market in Victoria Street.

They have the market every Sunday morning in a large car parking area, Salem couldn't believe his eyes at how much produce was there and all the different types.
He had never been to this market before.

There was lots of great bargins including three pineapples for $5.  It was a real shame we couldn't really buy anything or else we would have had to carry it around in our backpacks all day.

Another reason for going to the market was to see a friend of ours who does the fish van, but he wasn't there this time, someone else was.  Salem had to check out what was on offer.

We found someone selling some beautiful orchids.
Salem couldn't believe his eyes.  
They were so big (the orchids that is) as Salem grows tiny native orchids and had never seen big "normal" ones before.
Well, he has but can't remember because they have some at the Begonia House at the Wellington Botanic Gardens.

We will definitely be making another trip into Wellington on a Sunday again to visit this market again!!!!

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