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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Yummy Candy Floss - Right before our very Eyes!!!!

Mmmmm... candy floss bigger than your head!!!!

Two Saturday's ago we went into Wellington just for a day's outing with no dance classes to go to.
We went nice and early to make the most of it, the weather wasn't the best though but it wasn't raining.

Our first port of call was the Underground Market at Frank Kitts Park.
We had a look around getting lots of ideas and wishing we had heaps of money.
Then we cam upon the Candy Floss Lady.

Fresh candy floss is always a favourite.

As we are huge fans of candy floss we had to get one!!!!
It was a lovely blue blueberry flavoured floss which she very kindly sprinkled hundreds and thousand on as we had to wait a little for the machine to warm up.  It only took a minute or too.

Talk about yummy!!!!!  Not that I had much of it as Salem devoured it all.

Salem has his, now mine is being made.

Last weekend just gone, we went back.  It was a beautiful sunny day, just right for eating candy floss while walking along the waterfront.

This time it was pink candy floss and I had to have my own as I am no longer sharing with Salem.
All I can say is "YUM YUM YUM!!!!!!!".

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