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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Conclusion of our Spring Expedition

Stopped here for a snack out of the sun

I was going to do two posts to conclude our tale of Our Spring Expedition but thought I would just put it in one post.
After admiring the tulips we went for a walk up the hill to check out the Herb Garden which is right up at the top and over looks most of the gardens.

It was a nice walk up the hill, most of it in the shade which was nice as we had been in the sun most of the day.
Salem was collecting small pine cones and other conifer cones to take home, probably to make some sort of art work or display.  We always take some plastic bags with us in case Salem finds some "treasures" that he wants to take home.

In the past I've had to be inventive to stop my backpack getting dirty from his treasures, making containers from leaflets, using my thermos for all sorts of bits and pieces.
It is easier to be prepared.

When we got up to the Herb Garden we were a bit disappointed as there wasn't much on display.  It would be better to visit there in a couple of months maybe.
The view was spectacular but I forgot to take a photo of it.  DUH!!!!!!!!

The Peace Flame Garden

So then we walked down the hill taking a route down through the bush.
Then it was a visit to the Peace Flame Garden which is next to the Lady Norwood Rose Garden.
This is a lovely peaceful water garden with a pond and waterfall.

The Peace Garden contains the preserved flame that came from fires created by the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II.
The flame was presented by the people of Japan to the people of New Zealand in recognition of our efforts to halt the spread of atomic weapons.

Wellington City and its citizens have been active in promoting peace, tolerance and understanding in our local community and the worldwide community.
Wellington became a Nuclear-Weapon Free Zone in on the 14th April 1982.
New Zealand as a country is a Nuclear Free Zone.

Ducklings following Mum and Dad

In this lovely peaceful garden, there were more ducklings and their busy parents.
They were delightful to watch.
We could have watched them for hours but it was time to head off to the Railway Station and make our way home.
I had a very tired and sleepy boy when we finally got home.
We had already planned our next trip in to Wellington...............

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