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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Begonia House

Next stop on our Spring Expedition is the Begonia House at the Wellington Botanic Gardens.
This is a giant greenhouse which has both a tropical display and the temperate display.

We were only able to visit the temperate part of the Begonia House as the tropical part is closed off due to the earthquake strengthening work taking place.  It was a pity as there is a big fish pond with masses of fish in.

In past visits we were able to feed the fish which is just so much fun.
But we were quite content with having a wander around the temperate displays and admiring the beautiful and brilliantly colourful flowers.

Salem couldn't get over the fact that most of the plants were in pots.  He thought that was great because he has all of his plants in pots at home on our deck so that the chickens don't get at them.  We only have hardy plants and vegetables in the garden that the chickens don't destroy.

Because these plants are in pots, it means that they can change the displays as needed, no digging up.
They also have a great hanging basket collection but I for some reason didn't take any photos of them.

I think I do get a bit carried away with taking photos of flowers etc.  That is the joy of a digital camera.
With the old film cameras you have to be a bit more picky with what you photograph as you are limited to how many you can get on the film.  I do love the quality of real film.

Anyway, the Begonia House's temperate area has seasonal displays that contain tuberous begonias (well, it is the "Begonia House") and gesneriads during the summer.

And during winter, there are displays of primula, cyclamen, cymbidium orchids and impatiens.
So there is always something gorgeous to look at.

Salem was so impressed with the banana tree and wished he could pick some of the banans.
He would also love to grow some banana trees as well.  They couldn't like our place as we get some wicked frosts.  But people do grow them out here in Kapiti.

More tomorrow.... we will be visiting the tulip beds.
You are in for a treat!!!!!!

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