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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lady Norwood Rose Garden - Poppies, Ducks and Ducklings

Salem admiring the poppies

We are now in the Wellington Botanical Gardens and visiting the Lady Norwood Rose Gardens.  We were amazed that the poppies were still blooming.  Last time we saw them was when Salem was in Cinderella with the Royal New Zealand Ballet which was in August.  So that means they have been flowering for two months.  They still looked fabulous!!!!

Mother Duck and her babies

We sat down for a bit and had a cup of tea and a biscuit and had a pleasant surprise.  Instead of roses in the rose beds, there was a mother duck with her little ducklings.  They were sooooo cute.  They were wandering about and poor mum was making sure they didn't stray.  Then they all got tired and had a sleep.

The fountain and ducks

There were a lot of ducks around as usual, some having a swim in the fountain.  The little duckings go for a swim there too and the lovely gardeners have put a ramp in the fountain's pondy bit for the ducklings to get out of the water easily.

It was lovely to see the ducks in the rose beds as there are no roses at this time of year.  The best time to see the roses is from November until May when everything is in full bloom.

The ducks were pretty laid back and let me get up close to them to take photos.  I think they were just lazing in the sun and just couldn't be bothered to waddle away.

But we waddled off and continued on our way....... more tomorrow.

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