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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Steam Train Surprise

Yesterday Salem and I went into Wellington to have a day in the sun at the Botanic Gardens but before even leaving Paraparaumu we were treated to this sight before even getting off the bus at the Railway Station.
We got the bus driver to let us off the bus before getting to the station so I could take some photos.

This old steam train was doing a journey from Wellington to Woodville, then returning later in the afternoon.
The Steam train is run by Steam Incorporated in  Paekakariki which is the next town south of Paraparaumu.

Steam Incorporated is dedicated to the restoration to full working order of ex-New Zealand Government Railways locomotives and rolling stock.  Its primary purpose is to rebuild and maintain heritage railway equipment to a high standard required for main-line operation.

Where's the train gone??????

Their main focus is on steam motive power.  They usually have at least two of its steam locomotives in full operational condition. They also own and operates heritage diesel locomotives, both on the main line and for shunting duties around their depot at Paekakariki.

It was very exciting to see the steam train.  We were lucky that our bus was a bit early or else we would have missed seeing it.  It was about to leave the station and the railway crossing lights and bells starting flashing and ringing.

The amount of steam it produced was amazing, I couldn't see Salem for a bit.  It was quite loud too.  It was a pity it wasn't hanging around for a bit longer.

Old train Carriage

Half the fun of seeing the steam trains is waving  out to the passengers.  Salem was waving frantically and the passengers were all waving back.  I was even waving out too.  I'm just a big kid when it comes to old trains.

First Class Carriage 

It was a bit of a let down going on a normal train into Wellington, they just don't have any style.
I hope to take Salem on one of the Steam Train Excursions one day in the not to distant future.

More on our day out soon......

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