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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Playing Among the Tulips - "Where's the Wally?"

On our last two visits to see the tulips at the Wellington Botanic Gardens, Salem and I had a bit of fun with the camera and played "Where's the Wally?".  Our version of "Where's Wally?".
We took photos of each other hidden in the tulips which was hard to do with the digital camera.  The sun was so bright that we actually couldn't see on the camera viewer what we were taking photos of.

So we were kneeling down and sometimes lying down on the ground so that we were just hidden behind the flowers.  We also wrote down all the names of the tulips and the other flowers that were plated with them in the displays.
So the photos above show the Van Eeden Mixed Tulips which are planted with Myosotis Blue.  Very pretty little blue flowers.

Salem had to get down very low for me to take this photo.
There are the Pink Mix Tulips behind him.

Next, Salem is hiding behind the red Parade Tulips which are planted with Chrysanthemums and Parsley Triple Curl.

Here's me waving out.
I really do like Parsley being used as a decorative plant.  Attractive and useful.
There is another bed of these flowers that are planted with Silverbeet Bright Lights which looks lovely.

Salem is hiding in the beautifully bright Froncoise Tulips which are planted with Polyanthus Blue flowers.

The polyanthus are a lovely contrast,  The blue really makes the white of the tulips really "POP"!

Next are yellow Strong Gold Tulips which are a base for the very dark Black Diamond Tulips.
The Black Diamond tulips are a very rich dark purple colour.

The Strong Gold and Black Diamond tulips were surrounded by the pretty little Myosotis White flowers which looked like a bed of snow.

Salem is crouching behind another bed of Black Diamond Tulips which are standing tall bursting through a bed of Myosotis Pink.  The little pink flowers seem to really bring out the purple colours of the Black Diamond tulips.

I had to lie on my stomach to have this photo taken as they were so low down.  And I have a tulip at the side of my nose making my nose look huge!!!!!

The Pinocchio Tulips had been and gone on this visit so we were left with a beautiful cool carpet of blue.
This is a planting of some more of the Myosotis Blue.

I love this photo.  The colours are so alive like little bowls of fire.
The sun caught the Kees Nellis Tulips setting them alight.
These tulips were planted with Chrysanthemum Lemon adding a lovely undertone of pale yellow.

The Orange Daydream Tulips were past there best but were still hanging in there.  I think one good gust of wind and all their petals would be blown off.
These were planted in a bed of Calendula Mix.  These were very vibrant underneath the fading orange of the tulips.

Here you can find me popping up among the Pink Mix Tulips floating on a sea of blue.
Another bed of Myosotis Blue.

This bed was spectacular the week before but it was past its best.  A shame but we were lucky enough to enjoy it at it's best.
This bed is planted with the red Ile de France and the White Dream Tulips.  They are floating on a white puffy cloud of Myosotis White.  The Myosotis flower is a very versatile little flower indeed.

Salem's last chance of being a "Wally" before we went on our merry way.

We had loads of fun!!!!!

It is fun to act like a kid and get funny looks from other people as we were hiding behind the tulips!!!!
You can get 'away' with it when you are acting the fool with a kid!!!!!

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  1. Oh my! Love the flowers. Makes me wish I were there to smell them.