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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Boy and His Fort Building

Going off into the bush

Salem loves building forts in the bushes at the Wellington Botanic Gardens.
I let him go off for about half an hour at a time and he likes to do his building with dead branches and leaves.
His forts get quite big.

First week - uphill fort

He tries to build them away from the tracks so that other people and the gardeners don't find them so that they don't get destroyed.  About two weeks ago he built this one up the hill near the children's playground.

Second week - uphill fort

We went back last week and it was pretty much intact, he added a bit more to it and played there for quite a while until I had had enough sitting under a tree having  some afternoon tea.  I got pins and needles in my leg so it was time to get moving again.

Second week - fort by duck pond

So we went to check out his other fort he built when we had our Spring Expedition.
He built that one by the duck pond.
But it had been destroyed.

Built his fort down here by duck pond

He choose a lovely place to build it but it was to close to a busy part of the gardens.
Plenty of gardeners go there as well as other kids exploring I'm sure.

Me trying to see Salem, he can see me though

I do love it that he still loves getting out and playing.
I hope he stays like that for a long time.
Kids grow up to quick.
Grumpy teenager would rather play on the X Box or Play Station than have fun in the fresh air.
Childhood is so short, you are an adult for a very long time!!!

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