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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Delightful Ducks

As you may have noticed, we love ducks!!!!!
Last week we went back to the Wellington Botanic Gardens and one of the many lovely sights was the ducks in the Joy Fountain.

We don't usually see the ducks in the fountain as there are usually to many kids playing in the fountain so this was very cool to see.

People had been feeding them bread but these ducks in the Botanic Garden are very well fed so the bread was just floating around in the water.

Just down the path is the duck pond.
Tourists and locals alike love to come here.
There was bread floating around in the water here too.
Too many well fed ducks again.

We spent a bit of time watching the ducks as usual, it's very hypnotic, and before you know it time has flown.

A few of the male ducks were having a few flapping fights which is quite comical.
Others were busy grooming themselves and enjoying the sun like the rest of us.

Mother duck was taking the kids out for a paddle and at least they were eating the ignored floating bread.

The ducklings are really growing quickly.
Hopefully we get to see them next time we visit, which going to plan, will be next week.

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