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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Boys Can Knit Too!!!!

Busy knitting

Salem and I went to the City and Sea Museum at the Wellington Waterfront today.
They have a display about yarn bombers and knitting and crochet.

Showing off his contribution

They also have a Continuous Scarf that visitors can sit down and knit a few rows.
I sat down and kitted four rows while Salem played with a giant yarn block puzzle.
Then he decided that he would like to knit a couple of rows.

Me doing my bit

He hadn't knitted for quite some time so I gave him a quick refresher and he set to it.
He was very pleased with himself when he had completed his two rows.

Knitted cat

They had a lot of very clever knitted and crocheted items on display.
We just loved the knitted cat with it's bottle and saucer of milk.

The giant yarn block puzzle

There were other very cool things there but my batteries in my camera completely ran out.  So no more photos of things like knitted cosies for hand tools in the garage.

If you live in Wellington, have a look at these notices to join up with other knitters.

You can't beat a free biscuit and a cuppa to have a bit of fun knitting with other knitters!!!

I wish we lived in Wellington!!!

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