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Monday, January 10, 2011

Cross Stitch from last year.


Tea Time

Going home to Island Bay
These are three of my cross stich projects from last year.  Three of many.........

The first I did for my teenaged son's birthday.  Being a typical teenager, he's into war etc, but this has an Anzac connection eg. the New Zealand flag and the old style Poppy Day poppies.

The second started from a free pattern from the sampler girl which I carried on with to add my own design inspired by our favourite tearoom, Martha's Pantry in Upper Cuba Street in Wellington City.  We go there a lot!!!!!

The third is inspired by where I grew up, Island Bay and the great beach, I spent alot of my childhood there.  I take my own children there now and hope to move back there by the end of this year.  It will be "going home".

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  1. Nice xxx work Nellie. Saw your post on bbinteractive group and followed your link. Nice beginning to your blog.