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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ballet time again!!!!

Russian Winter - Kapiti Competitions

In the boy's dressing room.

Outside the St James Theatre, Wellington, New Zealand.

Scene from the RNZBallet's "The Nutcracker" Nov 2010
It's about that time of year again, the summer holidays are nearly over, I've had to re-enrol Salem in all his ballet, jazz, contempory and stretch/strength dance classes and get all his dance gear ready making sure they still fit him.
He loves his ballet and is making it his career.  Last year he had a part in the Royal New Zealand Ballet's "The Nutcracker" and had an absolute ball. That was over a month of rehersals and performances.  He was very pleased with himself as he was part of the A cast.  He will be auditioning for a part in Sleeping Beauty near the end of this year.
So it's another year of classes, rehersals, shows, exams and making costumes.
During his classes I get alot of craft work done, last year it was knitting, crocheting and tatting, this year I am wanting to do some filet crochet, I have a lot of vintage patterns from the 1890's to the 1950's.  Good stuff.
Oh yeah, in the top photo, I made Salem's costume that he is wearing.

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