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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Quick Visit to Martha's

A couple of weeks ago we made a quick visit into Martha's Pantry for something quick to eat.
We were off to the St James afterwards to get Salem fitted for this Giselle costume.

It was a beautiful sunny spring day and Martha's was bright and sunny.
Salem had to go outside and have a look at the garden.
The tea cups out side had made a reappearance as last time we were here, which was quite a while ago, the teacups had dissappeared.
They had been glued onto the wall but now they were screwed on.  A much better idea.
Salems's favourite Wattle trees have grown a lot and are looking lovely.

We shared a rose milkshake and had a club sandwich each and then shared a large ginger kiss which was a real treat.  It had bits of candied ginger in it, yummy!!!!
A very indulgent treat on a beautiful day.
Straight back to our rationing afterwards.

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