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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Coronation Cafe

Arise Sir Salem!!!!

The Crown Jewels are at the Coronation Café

There was no need for us to travel all the way to London to see the crown jewels as the City and Sea Museum has replicas with all the glamour of the originals on display at the Coronation Cafe.
On a wet, windy and very humid day we popped in for a look around and just loved everything there.
Salem was even knighted by the Queen.

Come on in to the Coronation Cafe

There was bunting and Union flags all around the cafe and the Union flag was painted on the floor.
The tables and chairs were all painted gold so it looked very regal.

Have a seat and look at the Union Flag painted
on the floor.

The cafe was closing soon but we managed to get a hot drink each.
There wasn't a lot of choice so I got a latte and Salem had a fluffy which was very small for $2.
So I ended up giving him some of my coffee.

Replicas of the Crown Jewels

The crown jewels that were on display were made for the Centennial Exhibition in 1939.

Under one of the many creative crowns

There were lots of very quirky crowns around the cafe, my favourite was made out of pencils.
Very clever.

Colouring in his crown

There was coloured pencils and pictures of crowns to colour in so Salem did that while I thumbed through a couple of the books on the table.

They were all about the Queen and some were of her coronation.

Every table has books about the Queen

This was a "pop-up" cafe so apparently there wasn't much in the way of food earlier on.
There was no food at all when we came in.
But it is such a great idea and makes good use of this space.
It would be great if they did some Devonshire teas.

Bye for now.

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