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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hill Street Market

Hill Street Market
On Saturday Salem and I went into Wellington as he has a ballet class every Saturday there.
We leave early so we can do a few things before his class in the afternoon.
So we decided to go to the Hill Street Farmers Market in the car park of St. Paul's Cathedral which is across the road from the Parliment buildings.

I hadn't had breakfast so was hoping there would be something nice to eat, boy, I wasn't disappointed!!!!
There was free tastings of home-made fudge, peanut butter, loads of fruit, about sixteen different cheeses, relishes, chutneys etc...........YUM!!!!!  We were very full when we left.

We bought a few things too.  What was really good was the cheeses.  My sons can't have dairy products, basically anything to do with cows, so it was great that they had about eight different ewe's milk cheeses which they can eat quite happily.  So we bought two different types.
Must go there again this coming weekend.

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