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Friday, March 4, 2011

Another Earthquake in Wellington

Wellington City

Quake Shakes Wellington
A magnitude 4.7 earthquake rattled Wellington early this morning, the second quake to hit the capital in less than a week.
The quake struck at 2.19am, at a depth of 30km, 10km north-east of Upper Hutt.
GNS Science said it was widely felt in the lower North Island and upper South Island.
Police said there were no reports of damage.
On Tuesday, a quake measuring magnitude 4.5 hit at 10.07pm, 20km northwest of Wellington, at a depth of 40km.

The ground seems to getting a bit shaky over here.  I was reading in bed when this second shake hit.  I thought "Here we go again." As always , I get up to check on the kids.  They were still asleep this time.

I feel sorry for the people who have moved up here from Christchurch to get away from earthquakes and are having to face them again.  Even tough the shakes are nothing like they have experienced.

Here in Kapiti, still in the Wellington area, alot of us are on sand so tend to feel the quakes quite a bit and of course are now worrying about liquifation which Christchurch has really highlighted.

Lets hope "The Land of the Long White Cloud" has a bit of rest for a while.

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