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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pottery and Puppies

The Crown Lynn Exhibition at the City Gallery

On Saturday we had our usual excursion into Wellington and decided to go to see the Crown Lynn exhibition at the City Gallery in Civic Square.  I've been wanting to go for weeks and we had plenty of time to kill so off we went.

Salem's favourite tea set.

Crown Lynn is an iconic pottery brand and I think every person in New Zealand has at least a cup or two of Crown Lynn.  I've got a bit of a collection and am slowly adding to it.  Salem is now collecting some for himself after seeing the exhibition.

Salem has just bought this off 'Trade Me'.

They had an old film from the National Archives showing the old Crown Lynn factory and how they made the pottery, it was very cool.
Needless to say, we enjoyed seeing all the different types of pottery that they had on display.

Salem taking Puppy for a walk.

Afterwards we made our way to Martha's Pantry (where else????!!!!!!) and had our lunch.  It was very crowded with people having high teas, even the outside tables were taken.  So we joined a couple of the owners and their friend's on a table outside along with Puppy who became great friends.

Salem and Puppy

  We stayed a couple of hours as Salem doggy-sat Puppy and took her for walks and they had a lovely time hanging out together.  He was quite sad when we had to leave.  He should see her again next weekend.

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