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Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm Back.....Really....

Hello everyone, I am back.
I haven't been very well for a while but I've got everything under control for now (knock on wood!!!)  This blog has been put aside while I have had to contend with my health and everyday life of being a mum and everything that entails plus making supplies for craft markets, my sons dancing etc....
I've made lots of neat bits and bobs and will post some of them up on future blogs.

Salem, my youngest has just turned 12 years old, wow....where has the time gone?????
I made him a High Tea for his birthday, both my boys love that, even my grumpy teenager.

Birthday High Tea

Yum Yum

Salem did another Children's Craft Market Stall at the Hill Street Market in Wellington earlier this year and it was a big success and were able to pay his first term of dance fees.
It was a lovely day and plenty of people at the market.

The egg cosies were very popular.

The milk jug covers dissappeared quickly too.

We are still getting orders for pot holders and dish clothes.

Salem the Stall Holder.

Catnip Balls and fresh herbs, rhubarb, seeds and the ever popular homemade sherbet.
We are slowly getting together stock for the next Craft Market next month.  We will keep you up-dated with our progress.

Last week on Friday the 11th May, a new Tea House opened up here in Kapiti down at Paraparaumu Beach.  We had to try it out as we love our tea shops!!!!!!!

It is "Over the Teacups" at 44 Seaview Road, Paraparaumu Beach.  Ph. 04 9044504. 
The website isn't up yet.

It is a lovely bright and inviting tea shop with table cloths on the tables, lovely food, great tea and friendly staff who made us feel very welcome.

The Proprietors Dee Ryan and Martin Halliday

Lovely decor.

We ate our yummy cakes and sandwiches before i remembered to take a photo.
We had a nice lunch of club sandwiches which were made on the spot for us, Salem had a piece of Pecan Pie and I had the Pineapple & Brazil Nut Cake and both were to die for!!!!!!!  YUM!!!!!!
They didn't have ceramic/pottery teapots for the tea but they did look the part dressed up in tea cosies.
And Salem thought it was so neat that the tea was served up with a small bowl of sugar cubes.  He said that it was a pity that he doesn't take sugar in his tea any more.  So he just had to eat one anyway!!!!

Lollies, lollies, lollies...and our wonderful friendly waitress.
 What was really cool was that they sell lots of old fashioned and english lollies.  Salem just had to get some.
He's been very good so he deserves them.  He got his rations worth.  We are still doing the wartime rationing and visiting a teashop fits in with it too as people did eat out.

So may to choose from......

Lots of yummy treats to choose from.

Lots of choice for something to read while having your tea.
I did like that they had a choice of reading material, not your usual tatty magazines.  Some nice books, some on New Zealand history, kids books and Salem got to read a book on the "Goodies" the old english comedy series which we have on DVD and is watched very often.  So that was a nice surprise.

What a great way to offer water.
We will be definitely going back, it's very handy as it is around the corner from the dance studio.

Well, this is a start to getting things going again and I will update tonight.  I'm going to make it my mission to blog at least twice a week, more if possible, promise.

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