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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cross-Stitch, Chickens, Carrots and Ballet

Colonial Cottage, Wellington
 My latest cross-stitch project is of one of my favorite places to visit.  The Colonial Cottage in Nairn St in Wellington City. We go there even when the house itself is not open for tours as we just like to spend time sitting in the garden, chatting to the three chickens and Salem loves climbing the big old tree out the back.  It's just like stepping back in time.

My cross stitch version of  Colonial Cottage so far

Tree climbing at the Colonial Cottage

Saying hello to the Chickens

All three chickens came to see us

The latest offering from our garden is this unusal shaped carrot, it looks like some sort of creature as it has two 'eyes'.  Our garden isn't very productive at the moment but we are still getting the occassional strawberry and there are plenty of mandarins, apples, lemons and rhubarb.
Winter is just about here and it is really getting cold and we had frosts two days in a row this week.  Our whole property was white.

Our weird and wonderful carrot

We have had some wonderful news this week..... I applied for a scholarship for Salem for his dancing in March and received a letter on Wednesday saying that Salem has been awarded a Gold Heart Scholarship from Variety - The Children's Charity.  We were over the moon with this news.  The lovely people at Variety will be helping with Salem's dancing expenses.  Thank you Variety and a big thank you to everyone who wrote lovely letters of support for our scholarship application.

Ballet practice


  1. The cottage looks wonderful. Congrats on the scholarship!

  2. Hi! This is the first time I visited your blog (from Brooks Books group) and am fascinated with your experiences, stitching and the experiment you are having with your children about living on war time rations. What a good Mum you are!! If only MY grumpy teenager were going to be home longer I would give this type of teaching a go! I'll be back, I just loved reading your blog!