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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Paraparaumu Antique Fair

We went to the Antique Fair at the Paraparaumu Memorial Hall today.  It is also on tomorrow as well.
We went looking for some bargains but while there was a lot of lovely stuff, 99.9% of it was out of our price range.  It was quite good to see items that we have at home and how much they were selling for.

There wasn't much at all in the way of vintage clothing at all, just a couple of fur stoles and some hats which were fun to try on.  A lot of war medals were on sale.

There was a good selection of books to hunt through, we bought two books about Wellington city which included a lot of old photos including ones taken in the late 1800's.  Salem also bought 5 old comics.

I treated myself to a pair of mismatched cameo ear-rings.  I love cameos.  They had a huge selection of jewellery at many of the tables....... I can dream!!!!!  Salem bought to children's royal visit medals.

It was a nice way to spend the afternoon on a wintery day.  It is definitely getting colder.  I have a hot water bottle every night.  While I am writing this two of my cats are curled up on the couch, they will be there all night.

Sugar and Baal Z
I will probably have my other cat Misty sleeping with me later.
                       Nite Nite.

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