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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hanging Out with the Birds

After we had done our dash with taking photos of the roses, we found ourselves a nice spot to sit down and we had a great time sitting and chatting to all the ducks, pigeons and sparrows that decided to hang out with us.

They were such a laugh, having their little squabbles and there was the occasional amorous male pigeon who didn't have any luck.  There were no females that were having a bar of it!!!

This little one came over to check me out and was quite happy to hang around with me for a while.
A little sweetie.

Salem was a little tired so had a bit of a lie-down and chatted to the ducks that were having a laze under the rose bushes.

I am sure that all the friendly in the gardens were the little ducklings that we saw causing mischief for their parents the last time we were here.
They have all grown up now.

This little duck is being a bit bashful at first.

Then it was time for a big stretch.
They can make themselves quite long too.

She's all relaxed now after that.
She stayed with us the whole time until we left.

This is another of our little friends.
This gorgeous fat pigeon also stayed with us even though there were whole flocks of pigeons that flew en mass barely missing us as we were on their flight path.
It was all very exciting and we really had to duck down so that we weren't hit by a feathered missile.

Only a few of the ducks had had enough of lazing in the sun and took to the pond in the middle of the rose gardens and had a leisurely paddle in the water.

It was a bit of a low tide in the fountain so they really needed to top up the water.
Luckily the ramp was still there for the ducks to wander out of the water.
They didn't have to strain themselves by flying out, it really was a lazy sunny day.

I think that the pigeons were a bit more energetic than the ducks today.
The pigeons were checking out the rose beds for insects to eat.
The ducks just stayed in one place, all comfortable in the rose beds and just ate the leaves of the rose bushes that were in reach.

These pigeons are definitely healthier looking than the ones in the inner city.
Lots of fresh plants and insects.
Not scraps and junk food like their inner city cousins.

I would definitely prefer to live here than at the railway station or on the sides of buildings etc.
And people are always bring bread to feed the duck down at the duck pond.
The ducks are so over fed that there is always more than enough food spare for the pigeons and sparrows.

You must excuse my rattling on......
It was so lovely sitting in the sun with such friendly company, the best way to spend a sunny spring day.
It really makes you relax and lets your mind wander..........

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