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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Stained Glass Windows at Old St Paul's

We paid another visit a few weeks ago to have a more relaxed visit and to really explore Old St Paul's.

Old St Paul's is a lovely example of 19th century Gothic Revival architecture which was adapted to colonial conditions and materials. It was designed by the Reverend Frederick Thatcher, who was the vicar of St Paul's parish in Thorndon,Wellington. 

Old St Paul's is constructed entirely from native timbers which really glow and radiates a real warmth.  This is enhanced by all the stunning stained glass windows.  It is absolutely beautiful.

We spent a lot of time just looking up at the beautiful windows and it's amazing to think of all the people who have done the same in the past since it's consecration on the 6th June 1866.

The stained glass windows depict scenes from the bible and commemorates former parishioners.

Old St Paul's was the first Anglican cathedral of Wellington (but the second Anglican church in Wellington) and is considered to be his finest work.

Such a beautiful place to visit.
I will be doing a couple more posts on this wonderful historic treasure over the next couple of days.
We can't wait to visit again.

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