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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wonderful Wood at Old St Paul's

Standing by the pipe organ

On our last visit to Old St Paul's we were able to have a more leisurely wander around.
It always fills us with awe that a building as beautiful as this is made of such beautiful wood that just glows with warmth.

The impressive pipes

The organ that is in the church now was purchased in 1977 to replace the original one.
It is made in the classical tradition and it's front is made of heart rimu.
It has 1316 pipes which are divided into 19 different voice ranges.

The Seddon Memorial Pulpit

The Seddon Memorial Pulpit is a memorial to New Zealand's last Premier Richard John Seddon.
New Zealand became the first country to give woman the vote while he was Premier.
The pulpit is a hexagonal shape and it was carved in England.
The wood is oak.
It is so impressive in "real life".

Having a sit down

Salem had a sit down to take in everything.
The wooden pews used to be reserved for people who had paid an annual subscription.

The brass lectern

The lectern is so beautiful!!!
It was made in London and then was gifted to Old St Paul's in 1881.
It was gifted in the memory of William Barnard Rhodes who was a New Zealand business man, pastoralist and politician .
He was born in England and Died in Wellington on the 11th February 1878.
He was one of the richest people in New Zealand at that time.

One of the plaques

There are lots of plaques on the walls that are always interesting to read.

In the shop

We had a good look in the little shop.
There are some really nice things in there.
Lots of good little gifts that would be good for xmas presents.
Salem bought a large piece of slate which was from the roof.
The church roof had been replaced and they kept a lot of the larger slate pieces.
The slate had originally come from Wales.

The Cathedra or Bishops chair

The Cathedra was presented to Bishop Wallis in 1896 by the congregation.
It is made from rimu and made to a Glastonbury design.
"Cathedra" means seat of a teacher or authority figure.
It is quite small by today's standards, more like a child's chair.
Peoples bottoms are definitely bigger these days :^)

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