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Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Christmas Treat at Old St Paul's

Just behind the shop area at Old St Paul's is the Clergy Vestry, it's quite hidden away from sight.
But we ventured through the door from the shop and had a lovely surprise.
Christmas trees greeted us in this lovely little area which lead into the Vestry proper.

Through another open door was more Christmas trees and lots of lovely decorations all with a very vintage feel.
There were decorations and lots of old fashioned games and presents that were all for sale.
Absolutely lovely and it felt very magical in this lovely little room.

The Clergy Vestery was built in 1876 and was used by the Dean or Vicar to prepare for the church services.
It is all wood just like the rest of the church and has such a homely and warm feeling to it.

Salem just loved this little room and would love to have it as his own bedroom.
The windows were very cute and let in just the right amount of light.
He imagined himself tucked up in a bed in one corner and looking at all the decorations in this magical little room.

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